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Karoor Soman has been honoured with Charummoodu Readers Club Literature Award from Mavelikara MLA Shri M. S. Arun Kumar

Karoor Soman has been honoured with Charummoodu Readers Club Literature Award from Mavelikara MLA Shri M. S. Arun Kumar–Deepika 2023

Charummood Readers Club honored Karur Soman

Charummood: Famous expatriate writer and world record holder (URF) Karur Soman was honored at the Republic Day celebration seminar organized by Charummood Readers Club, which is advancing in the field of literature, culture and society. Morning flag hoisting, along with various art programs, painting camp was conducted under the direction of artist Rahul R. 

M.S.Arunkumar, MLA Mavelikara, inaugurated the seminar and public meeting held under the chairmanship of Readers’ Club President M.S.Arun Kumar. The biggest challenges facing the country are secularism and constitutional violations. Charummood Readers Club announced that advancing through various social, cultural, arts and literature activities is necessary for social growth while giving awards to Karur Soman.

Dr. V. N. Jayachandran gave a lecture on the subject of “Challenges facing the Constitution of India”. On 26th January 1950, we watched with pride when our Constitution came into being. Today’s constitution does not treat everyone as equal. Indian people are suffering. Francis T Mavelikkara (a famous playwright) who participated in the seminar as a distinguished person, the democratic values ​​acquired by our forefathers are flying in the wind today. Our Republic Day celebration has become a mere celebration. He stated that Karoor Soman, who has made his mark in all areas of Malayalam, has not received the respect he deserves.

Every family needs books. Otherwise we will live as bodies without knowledge and without soul. Another challenge facing India is lack of knowledge. This is used by religions to persist darkness among the citizens. Indian democracy today is in the hands of capitalists. They make money by pawning India. The biggest proof of that is that MLAs and MPs are paid crores. Karoor Soman asked in his thank you speech what kind of democracy this is. One hundred and one books, including Karur Soman’s, were handed over to MLA for the Readers’ Library. 

Sports players of Charummood town who won the first place at the district level in the last Kerala Olympics were felicitated. Trophies were distributed to the contestants and artistic talents of the painting competition. Readers Club Patron Adv.S.Sudirkhan welcomed and Secretary Rajesh expressed gratitude. The Alappuzha Naturava Sangam  performed Nadan song full of strength and grace with steps

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